Thursday, April 22, 2010


Finally got my arse off facebook, yes oh
am so over that addiction called facebook, even deleted my email address, so as not to be tempted to go back, they say desperate things calls for desperate measure abi.
Yet to join the twitter wagon, so blogger is my own point of social networking.
My cousin have been creepy lately
They are snooping around for what i do not know, when I vist their house, one woulds be scrolling through my phone, the other through my bag or stuffs, what they are looking for I do not know. They sha want to know what is going on in my life, who I am dating and all that.

Work is good, I a, learning a lot but the people here are so strange and funny. Like they operate on a whole different level. They are scared of Oga pata pata this is no joke oh, as if the woman can tear them into pieces. One needs to really move round organization to realise that people are on a whole different angle from your point of view.
In my office, every one na oga, I don tire self. The MD is usually not around and have actually not seen her since I started work but all the other ogas have scoin scoin in their head.
Asides from the people, no problem as I get a good deal of learning, and I really am here to learn so that I can move on to a better place.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


You want this, he said
I don't want to, I said
But you're all wet, you are responding to my kisses and touch, why are you doing this, he said
I said I don't want, I snapped and got off the bed.

What You do not realise
You refuse to accept is that my body lies.
You want it but I don't
My body wants it
But my mind rejects it.

If I yield to my body, I would be unhappy
If I yield to my mind, I would miss out on a one time fun.
I would rather stick to my gut and listen to my mind.