Wednesday, October 14, 2009


My blogsville people,
Help me thank God for not allowing me to enter one chance oh!

This is not the literal, entering bus and being duped and all.
Let me explain!!!

I have got this policy of never going back to boyfriend, after break up and this is my saving grace.

Three months ago, I met him and He was begging me to come back to him, telling me how much he loves me and that this is for real and he would like to make me his wife.
My little sister was there and the big mouth did not waste time in telling mu mum when we got home.

I had told him, point blank then, that I had no more feelings for him and that nothing can make me come back to him.

We are friends and my mother knew him.
He used to come around to my house and would stay for hours.
My mother was even rooting for him.
So you can imagine my mother's reaction when my sister told her, about his proposal and my refusal.

The thought of considering him,never crossed my mind,
as I had the feeling that he want true and I would infact be settling.
I have not heard from him in a while and have never bothered to check his profile on facebook.

I ran into him on monday, I had actually got to their house
Normally when I vist, we usually enter the house, but this day he offered me a seat outside. I did not pay particular attention, as there was no light and I was not ready for seating down in some heat.
I did not notice his finger, until he told me that he was now married.
I mean he was 3weeks married.
Didn't you see my profile on facebook, he said. Like I have the time to start checking everyone's profile.

They had been going out for 8years.
Meaning, even when we were together, he was with her.
Even, when he was asking me to come back to him, She was in his life.
He even has the effrontery to tell me that, at least he asked me.
See me see maga.
All these time, I have spent with him, I never knew she existed, even after we broke up and became friends.
Dudes can be something else.

Am thanking God, for not letting me make the greatest mistake of my life.
I never slept with him, I was still a virgin, when I was him and
He just never felt like one I should give it to.
All we ever did was the kiss and smooch.

I am so grateful, it never went beyond that and
Particularly grateful, I did not give him a second chance.
That would have been worse!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009


Seeing you today,
I realized one thing,
I have refused to acknowledge all these years.
You are not my friend.
You are just a girl who existed in my life
for the past 14 years.

Yes, you have never been a friend to me.
I have been the friend,
You have only been there for what I had to offer.

How I was wrong about you,
Even when everyone could see what you were doing,
Even though a part of me knew
I choose to believe you were a friend.

I have been the one hanging on
to this friendship, like my life depended on it.
Last time I checked,
friendship is a two way thing.

I was always there to help,
and you were always having one or another,
I never for a day complained.
Countless things I have done,
But I am never one to broadcast what I do to help anyone.

So because, you seem to be a little bit better off
You are feeling on top of the world
and better than every one else.

I am not a yes person,
as you have always known.
So you cannot do things to me
and expect me to keep quiet about it.

Seeing and talking to you made me realize.
I have also stop been a friend to you.
I felt like I was talking to a complete stranger.
The friendship of 14years has come to an end,
without me even realizing it until today.
Today, as i said good bye,
I knew it is forever.

I am not jealous of your little accomplishment,
Infact i am happy for you,
I wish you the very best in life.
Even though you cease to be my friend,
I wish you the very best.
You cease to be a part of my future
because you are not my friend.
Never was, never will.