Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ran the other way

He wanted romance,
He patiently waited for me to come around.
But that I never did.
I do not want to hurt him,
Scared of letting myself go.
Of growing so vulnerable with a man,
Of needing a man, desperately needing a man,
I am so fearful that it will take me outside of myself and
Make me a total stranger, make me irrational.
Make me lose that sense of control.
So I ran the other way.
Loving him meant I was going to become another person,
Entirely different, a woman I was afraid of.
What would be left of me, if I lost myself in a man?
Miserable and lonely as it could get sometimes,
This life is mine and mine alone.
I do not want to be another kind woman
Never want to be.
I am just fine with who I am.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson, `King of Pop,' dead at 50

Kikky wake up,I felt my cousin hands.
This was 20 minutes to 12 and I have been sleeping since 8
I was seriously tired and wasn't ready for any talk.
Micheal Jackson is dead, She said.

You must be joking; quickly I jumped out of bed.
Am going to put on the gen, she said.
Na so every-body for our house pack put in front of television oh.
CNN say them never confirm,
Sky News say he don die.
BBC talk him own, say he don die and the news was gotten from
TMZ talk say na one of the cardiologist, talk am.
Even before his death was confirmed, there were already wreaths hanging on his gate…
Na wa for this people oh.
We tanda for the front of the television till the fuel finish inside the generator.
Woke up this morning and the first thing I did on was to visit BBC from my phone browser confirm
Whether the guy don die true-true.

This is one guy we all grew up loving,
His dance steps, we all wanted to learn,
Some got and perfected the steps of this Legend.
P-square sabi the guy steps well- well.
I remember the songs such as ‘Heal the world”, “Earth Song”, “Gone too Soon”

MJ was a great entertainer.
The world all over idolized him,
His fellow artist envied, admired and respected him.
MJ was a fulfilled man professionally,
Even if his personal life was not one of fulfillment.
13 grammy awards, and countless other awards.
His 1982 album "Thriller" — which included the blockbuster hits
"Beat It," "Billie Jean" and "Thriller" — is the best-selling album of all time,
with an estimated 50 million copies sold worldwide.
This is one man who has achieved what others only dream of achieving.
He has 4 decades of achievement and lime-light

Radio and Tv stations have been playing his music none stop all day.
Millions of Fans have been crying all day and making various posts all day.
I don tire for all the comment for FB.
Of all of this, one gets to realize that this is one man, every one all over respected even if he made some personal mistakes.

Listening to his song, “Childhood”, I realize this is one man we all have judge.
Me inclusive and he says before you judge me, try to love,
Have you seen my childhood?
No one ever stopped to realize,
No one really took the time to appreciate the man who had
a child-like innocence about him and a heart of gold
We never stopped to cherish the person he was more
We all were there to listen to the stories the media fed us and judged
Without ever listening to his side of the story.
We all judged him like we all have not made our own mistakes
Or crazy decisions, which we have hidden from the world
This is a man gave his all to his music and tried to make the world better.
He was denied his childhood, thanks to his father.

Even at that, he made an indelible mark on the planet Earth.
He was a pace setter.
His death is cam as a rude shock to all,
Even though we all never thought he would make it that far

But maybe,
Just maybe his life wouldn't have been so lonely or so short,
If the media had not destroyed him and we all never turned our backs on him.

RIP to the “King of POP”, Michael Joseph Jackson

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Echoes of a Broken Child

I got this off the internet, it was published by an unknown author.
This poem reflects my state of enjoy

Today's the day.
The day I'm going to unlock the door and bury the past.
The day I'm going to let go.

You smile;
I just turn away, looking up to meet the icy glare of the smug moon.
The geese attack my skin, but not with the same gentle pecks as before; they're angry now.
You look confused as you watch my sweat cool under the soft light of the stars.

The Earth stands motionless as we lie on Eden's bed, wrapped in my shell
that cracked when I pulled you to your knees.
The tiger marked my back, its lips greeted my sweet Paradise with a kiss;
its firm touch met with symphony and song from an arch-backed deceiver
with dancing fingers.

The tingles dissolve.
I feel sick. I don't let people this close to my soul.
How did you climb over the wall that surrounds this private property? Regrets.
I sometimes wander why I carry all this guilt ...
it was him who laid the foundations for all these walls I've built.
Time healed my black eye, but my heart will remain forever bruised.

People wander why I have a padlock bolted around my heart ...
my actions are the echoes of a broken child.

Today's not the day.
I can't let go.
But one day I'll find the key that fits the lock.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fathers Day

The world all over is celebrating father's day.
Fathers all over are receiving gifts or messages from their children.
Fathers are being appreciated every seconds of today.
None of these is my father going to get from.
I actually did not know it was today till i signed into facebook.
Reading friends post to thank and appreciate their fathers.
I have nothing to thank mine for.
Do i thank him for rejecting me?
Or do i thank him for refusing to see or acknowledge me for 19 years of my life?
Or still making me his well kept dark secret?
Or do I simply thank him giving me life? yet not wanting to ever be part of it................

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Looking at her, I am amazed at what I see,
When did she turn to this
What has she become
Maybe she has always been like this
and i never noticed.
The fact is that i was always consumed in myself
and I never noticed
She has her friends and I have mine
But her frends are my friends and mine hers.
We are bonded by blood
She is my cousin
actually a first cousin.
We are sesame twins of different mothers
We grew up together ad went to school together
Asides for the six years of secondary school.
She has become spiteful, vengeful and always wants to be right.
"Don't ever open my wardrope again behind my back"
she said.
"When did it turn to this"
"I have sha told you"

I have over stepped my boundary and using her perfume got me this statement.
All this wahala because I refused to prepare her noodles with mine.
Omo make I give myself brain oh.

Ever since we graduated, I have noticed a change in her.
while in school, we never got in fight for too long
especially when exams is around the corner.
During exams no fight, even when I provoke her enough to result in a fight.
My aunt always remember that I exist and would send money to me in school
All beacuse , I have to teach her in exams.

She is sickle cell anaemic,
so we all have to treat her with care.
She would tell you she can't carry anything heavy,
do any strenous work.
When she has her crisis, every member of the family
is expected to pay a visit to the hospital.
if possible you have to sleep over, just to show you care
or you get the wrath.
Her crisis is made a big deal.
I remember when I failed to visit during one of her numerous illness.
She called, immediety she got out of the hospital,
I don't think she had stepped out of the hospital premises,
saying, she would never come visit of i ever fell ill and prays that I fall ill,
see curse, she dey craze.
I was so mad and she was so lucky
I was on my way to the mosque. It was on a friday
I would have curse her back.
Had to let it go, because i was avoiding family wahala.
All these and countless other she does
She hardly turns her madness on me,
as am hardly ever around her and never have her time.
She is actually worse with the others.
Their house -help ran away recently and
the girl's major complain was about the way my cousin treats her.
The poor girl says she calls her a thief, witch and other horrible names.
Her wahala is also too much
The poor thing could not handle this and had to bolt

I don't even know what to do with her
and she is unavoidable.
I just hope we do not tear each-other's throat one day;
because she is really pushing it and
don't know how long i can stand that