Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Echoes of a Broken Child

I got this off the internet, it was published by an unknown author.
This poem reflects my state of enjoy

Today's the day.
The day I'm going to unlock the door and bury the past.
The day I'm going to let go.

You smile;
I just turn away, looking up to meet the icy glare of the smug moon.
The geese attack my skin, but not with the same gentle pecks as before; they're angry now.
You look confused as you watch my sweat cool under the soft light of the stars.

The Earth stands motionless as we lie on Eden's bed, wrapped in my shell
that cracked when I pulled you to your knees.
The tiger marked my back, its lips greeted my sweet Paradise with a kiss;
its firm touch met with symphony and song from an arch-backed deceiver
with dancing fingers.

The tingles dissolve.
I feel sick. I don't let people this close to my soul.
How did you climb over the wall that surrounds this private property? Regrets.
I sometimes wander why I carry all this guilt ...
it was him who laid the foundations for all these walls I've built.
Time healed my black eye, but my heart will remain forever bruised.

People wander why I have a padlock bolted around my heart ...
my actions are the echoes of a broken child.

Today's not the day.
I can't let go.
But one day I'll find the key that fits the lock.


Anonymous said...

awwwww...first time here...and im first?lmao.yay.....i loved the poem....ive gt to go look for it.

Sassy Trends said...

Waoh... luving poeeeeeeeeetrrrrrrrrrrryyyyy....
hmnnn... cant get enuff never mind me though

first time here and luvn it....
I'm following this blog...


akaBagucci said...

Hmm.. seems like your blog's RSS feed is broken or sthng.. Can't get it to update in my Google reader!

Off now.... before Google classes me a spammer!

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