Friday, August 28, 2009


  • If by having erotic feeling and thought of my boo, I have broken my fast. By the way I now a boo, gist of him later...............
  • If I truly like my boo or if it's societal pressure thats getting to me. I like him but not entirely ready for this whole lovey dovey thing.
  • How do I explain to my nine year old sister, that the two breast do not start growing at the same time.
  • I will ever make heaven, as i am even struggling to fast this period and this is really bad.
  • Why some people are just plain stupid and will never mind their own business.
  • Why some people always feel the need to comment on facebook, even when they just are totally off point or utterly fool of themselves

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Deep Breath!!!

I was this thin little bit close from losing it this morning.
But I decided to take a deep breath!!!
This whole deep breath thing helps some times but it is pretty frustrating.
When you want to let it out the way you feel but you just have to watch your words to avoid saying those things which can never be taken back.

My aunts house is becoming more and more unbearable.
I almost slapped my cousin last light.
That one has started growing sharp mouth.
Imagine, there is a 7years gap between me and that stupid thing oh!
My sister is one 1year older than her oh!

Its not her fault,
It is me who left my comfy home to come and squat in their house.
She has become excessively rude to every one.
She just like her elder ones feels free to talk anyone anyone.

I woke up this money to a dead phone and missing money from my wallet.
In that house we are not up to ten oh!
I usually wake up at the sound of my alarm at four.

I woke for six which is two hours behind and I was wondering what was wrong
only to realize that my alarm at not gone off all.
I was pretty much late to work.
Hopefully my boss was not around.

In this days of recession, someone is now stealing the little I have.
Imagine the frustration of waking up and having part of your money gone.
The person even pitied me and took half of the money.
The annoying part is they would all deny ever taking it.
No one ever admit to doing anything.
Except caught in the act.

I am thinking of moving out.
Moving back to my house is suicide missions as my house is far to town.
Moving t a friends, that one might even be worse.

With time I shall make a decision.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


I cannot believe I am listening to that talk;
The worst part is that it is coming from the last person on earth
I ever thought would discuss with me.
"My father"
My mother has done her best to stay off of it or not directly discussing it.

I am sensing some sort of conspiracy between those people;am sure my mum pushed it to him and the man too opened that his mouth and was asking.There are other unresolved issues, he should be discussing, but he would rather talk about this one,

Now I understand how Tigeress felt when she wrote her post And I Cried on the Train
He guy has refused to talk to me, like I really want to talk to him self!!!

The man was asking what my next plan was and me thinking the guy wanted to know how serious-minded I was, was reeling that, I intend getting a better job and go for my masters next-year oh. He was now telling me that, I should be thinking of masters in my husby's house or when engaged. Abeg what century does that man belong to; which kind of suggestion is that.

He goes on to say that now that I have a job, I should bring a man home and they would know that this is the one I want to marry.

Na so e easy!

He then tells me that his daughter who is almost 30 has never brought home a man, which one is my own with that one.
Is that why he want to marry me off. He wants to do Baba Iyawo.
Like he would even get that position self.

He even gave specifications:
I must marry a Muslim, like I intend to bring home a Hindustan home.
I do not necessarily have to like him at first, we can get to know each other, it is the guys character that matters.

I told him, that I don't have any one I am dating right now and the man says I must find one oh!
I don't know if i am supposed to carry ready for marriage on my head.

My aunt is even the worst, that particularly accused me off going out with a distant cousins half brother, telling me she heard and all.
I no blame that one, she has been trying to marry off her 28 year old daughter for some time now.

My mother is also now hostile on the issue, telling me all my friends are getting married and am doing jangan.I am happy for all my friends but for one thing I do not envy them at all.
The woman is even down with me bringing home a man from any religion, so far he is not a traditionalist.

I don't know what is wrong with this old folks,
They just do not understand that we have our life planned and
I particularly refuse to be forced into marrying anytime soon.
I shall marry at my own time and to man who I shall not be afraid to lose my self to.