Thursday, August 6, 2009


I cannot believe I am listening to that talk;
The worst part is that it is coming from the last person on earth
I ever thought would discuss with me.
"My father"
My mother has done her best to stay off of it or not directly discussing it.

I am sensing some sort of conspiracy between those people;am sure my mum pushed it to him and the man too opened that his mouth and was asking.There are other unresolved issues, he should be discussing, but he would rather talk about this one,

Now I understand how Tigeress felt when she wrote her post And I Cried on the Train
He guy has refused to talk to me, like I really want to talk to him self!!!

The man was asking what my next plan was and me thinking the guy wanted to know how serious-minded I was, was reeling that, I intend getting a better job and go for my masters next-year oh. He was now telling me that, I should be thinking of masters in my husby's house or when engaged. Abeg what century does that man belong to; which kind of suggestion is that.

He goes on to say that now that I have a job, I should bring a man home and they would know that this is the one I want to marry.

Na so e easy!

He then tells me that his daughter who is almost 30 has never brought home a man, which one is my own with that one.
Is that why he want to marry me off. He wants to do Baba Iyawo.
Like he would even get that position self.

He even gave specifications:
I must marry a Muslim, like I intend to bring home a Hindustan home.
I do not necessarily have to like him at first, we can get to know each other, it is the guys character that matters.

I told him, that I don't have any one I am dating right now and the man says I must find one oh!
I don't know if i am supposed to carry ready for marriage on my head.

My aunt is even the worst, that particularly accused me off going out with a distant cousins half brother, telling me she heard and all.
I no blame that one, she has been trying to marry off her 28 year old daughter for some time now.

My mother is also now hostile on the issue, telling me all my friends are getting married and am doing jangan.I am happy for all my friends but for one thing I do not envy them at all.
The woman is even down with me bringing home a man from any religion, so far he is not a traditionalist.

I don't know what is wrong with this old folks,
They just do not understand that we have our life planned and
I particularly refuse to be forced into marrying anytime soon.
I shall marry at my own time and to man who I shall not be afraid to lose my self to.


Ari said...

Wow... You gotta love the marriage talk.
I've noticed that Nigerian and indian parents are really focused on marrying off their daughters.
For obvious reasons... marriage is the last thing I'm interested in.
Keep your head up and follow your plan. It will all fall into place eventually...

and lol @ "do not necessarily have to like him at first, we can get to know each other"

blogoratti said...

Wow, looks like everyone is out to get ya! Guess you don't see what they see, and vice versa. No need to rush into something you aren't ready for right?

Anonymous said...

Lol..The joys of having Nigerian parents eh.I may not know much about this but I do know you definitely have to take your time going into marraige, else it could be disastrous.

*Diane* said...

Sadly, i think that's what i have to look forward to if i don't bring home a respectable Naija

Anonymous said... wa oh...chee yah...take it easy oh...dont get rushed into something that you are going to regret rushing into.

Tinu said...

just take ur time!!!!u have ur whole life to spend with that person!

BSNC said...

take your time dear. if you rush into things, that how you will rush out it.

Andrea said...

Nigerian parents will never change. Just do whatever makes you happy.

The Girl with the Red Hair said...

Thank you all for the advice!!!

Not rushing into anything now, at least till i get over my commitment phobia

doll said...

parents and their wahala...just be ez and do things at your own pace

Ebony~!* said...

Its never a good idea to rush into making decisions like that, please take your time and go into a relationship when you feel it is time! Parents oooo! kai!

ibiluv said...

they cant help bugging us to bring men home
our biological clocks are ticking


but i'm also waiting....i will not be rushed.......

Repressed One said...

lol@ "I do not necessarily have to like him at first"......wahala!!!

...these parents are something else.

RocNaija said...

Happens to more people than are willing to acknowledge, I guess..

Do what makes you happy..

In the end that's the most thing.

Original Mgbeke said...

Na wa o, it is now by force. I'm like abeg leave pesin jare. let me not rush into marriage and rush out of it 5 years later. Shiooooo

Chi-Chi said...

1st time here!
I agree with you, marry at your own will.
Don't let anyone force you into it
Besides there isn't any rush to marriage

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