Tuesday, May 25, 2010


The other day on my way home, I had stopped to buy a drink as i was really thirsty, I collected my change from the woman and kept it in my bag. When I was about to pay the conductor, I searched my bag and could not find the money, mind you I remember zipping the bag. Even the money that i had kept at that same place was gone,as in everything. Thank God I had another  money somewhere in my purse, I would have been totally embarrassed by the rants of those conductors. I told a friend and she said that the money I was given, is called in Yoruba "owo anabo" (money spent that goes back to the owner) I hope translated it correctly. In Yoruba land, particularly in all those our Yoruba movies, you see a case where some spends money and all the other money disappears. I choose not to believe but how else do I explain all my money disappearing without my bag been open.

okay to the main Kasala.
For one thing I am tired of my place of work, the job is good like i said in my last post but the people are something else. Oga pata pata disrespects everyone and talk to them anyhow, the people self get their own craze for head.

So the other day, Oga pata pata came to the office for a meeting, around closing time. There was a particular lady that was waiting for her, all of a sudden, we heard a piercing noise. Oga pata pata had slapped the lady and all the eye witness said the lady was rude to oga pata pata. Things is Oga Pata pata is  an old woman and they said the lady was talking to her any how. but for me no matter what, she should not have slapped the lady and the lady is even 3months pregnant.

Na so the lady dey cry, saying she would not leave our office, until they give her the doc they were arguing on, she curse oga pata pat no be small. They even wanted to forcefully move her from the office but they were looking at her condition. Later, Oga pata pata too now vex and said the lady would not leave the building except she apologizes, Oga pata pata called the lady's boss and said she must apologizes. The lady no gree oh, she said unless they kill her before she will apologizes. This matter no be small matter oh, oga pata pata dey vex, the lady self they vex. The lady now looked up and said, 'God shey you see how this woman is suffering me, and she has her own children oh, God if I am at fault,...
Oga pata pata sensing the direction of the talk, sa na curse remain to finish the statement, now apologized to the lady and gave her her document.

When I saw the lady on my way home at the bus stop i pitied her, as she was seriously crying and worse is she is my name sake and we no dey gree intimidation. The next day the lady sent a text to Oga pata pata's assistant, cursing her and Oga, the woman show me the text, no be small curse oh.

I think i better start looking for another place to work, because i really can't stand all this kind of things, they she has never done that to any staff before but with the way she behave, don't want to be taking any stupid chance.