Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ran the other way

He wanted romance,
He patiently waited for me to come around.
But that I never did.
I do not want to hurt him,
Scared of letting myself go.
Of growing so vulnerable with a man,
Of needing a man, desperately needing a man,
I am so fearful that it will take me outside of myself and
Make me a total stranger, make me irrational.
Make me lose that sense of control.
So I ran the other way.
Loving him meant I was going to become another person,
Entirely different, a woman I was afraid of.
What would be left of me, if I lost myself in a man?
Miserable and lonely as it could get sometimes,
This life is mine and mine alone.
I do not want to be another kind woman
Never want to be.
I am just fine with who I am.

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Anonymous said...

gosh this is exactly how i feel...i ws going to write something like this wen i decided to check out ur blog.i really like this guy but im scared im going to loose the identity that my status as a single girl gives me.
i love this.great writing.

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