Thursday, July 9, 2009


He did not just hang up on me,
He was mumbling some things I could not hear.
Network has been really crazy lately
But this one no be network problem,
except i want to deceive myself!!!

This is the same guy who called me two days ago,
accusing me of dumping him after i slept with him.
Okay rewind back to life,
just when i wanted to believe, he not like the rest of the pack.
We were actually playing this who calls first game or so i thought,
I actually don't know the reason why i decided to call him today.

He took me to that place and left me hanging.
He gave me that thing i have always longed for.
I no blame am, na my fault.
Will give you the gist of he and me later
Anyways no regrets because I enjoyed every bit of our acquittance....


Original Mgbeke said...

Ouch, folk hanging up on me ranks as one of my biggest pet peeves.
But hey! As long as you have no regrets...

rethots said...

Hmmm, curiosity.....
i listen.

akaBagucci said...

Hmmmmm.............Pondering.... And waiting for the next missive.......

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