Friday, July 17, 2009

Wetin dey Happen

Okay the wind of change is blowing real fast and
I guess have been caught on awared.
Saw Soldiers on the Marina end of the Eko brigde this morning and
I got to me that this whole Militant issue is getting serious more and more.
I do not even read the papers which lies around in my office any more
not to talk of watching TV.
Abeg, make them no carry their war reach lagos oh!

Now to my gist.

My mum is back in town and am so happy

I have had to compulsorily move over to my aunts since I started this job of mine.
Okay, my mum does not the job and most of all she does not like the fact that I have to move.

The thing is living with my aunt come attached with a lot of shit.

I mean a lot of shit!!!!

You can be accused of anything,

I mean anything; those cousins of mine sure can lie.

Except caught in the act, they would never say the truth.

I really respect them on that one.

Even give them award self.

My aunt has always been the comfortable one,

The one every one goes to meet.

Don’t know, what is happening in their office, but I think there has been a change in structuring,

So she does not make money again as before

It’s not like we all really know how good the place is,

Because the woman has always been complaining,

For as long as I can remember, she has never made money in that place

Yet, she sees something to renovate in her house all the time.

She is the kind of person who only wants good things for herself and family only

And the rest of you come beg her

This gives her the opportunity to insult and wash one down.

The woman done lie so te, every one don tire.

There is never money, and now that she is actually telling the truth,

no one belives.

The situations has gone so bad or

rather the woman wants those of us staying with her to know that things have changed.

No more everyday cooking.

The worst was on Tuesday, when we had to eat Okro soup,

No meat, no menden-mende.

Okro soup in my aunts was always a delicacy.

Eating meat with it self is Ojukokoro as there is already enough in it.

The Okro was tasteless and you had to really look for the tiny fish inside.

I hope and pray that it does not pass this level oh.

Wetin we go dey chop then.

Maybe she is even using style to tell those of us wey get house to dey find our level.

Anyways time will tell.

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Anonymous said...

ha ha u no wat ur post made me do/i nw want okro soup..nd yup..first.

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