Friday, August 13, 2010

WICKED with an extra capital W

Yeah I know Nigerian films never fail to tell us how wicked people.
But till one crosses path with wicked people, you continue to assume they only exist in imaginary/film world.

What has my eyes not seen since I joined this company, what has my ear not heard.
I am officially job hunting as of now, because I do not see this as the environment for me.
A year in this place and I would go crazy.

Oga Pata pata is one wicked woman and I mean the wicked with and extra capital W if possible. The woman is a slave driver and sometimes I wonder if she has any ounce of feeling in that old body of hers. One thing I am grateful for is the fact that I do not work directly under her; but seeing the way she treats her staffs is terrible. The way she works those people, they sure would not live to be as old as the woman. We all pray for the not to visit the office because, whenever she comes, na so so kasala.

On the merge salary she pays her staff, she still treats them like crap as she does not even act like they are human beings, more like she sees them as a machine. They work monday to saturday. 9am to 11.45pm, and those that can go home still go, while most sleep over in the office. No matter the time they end work the day before, they must be on their seat by 9am in the morning. To sign salary at the end of the month na battle, to her she is doing us a favor by signing the cheaque and not that we are doing her a favor by working for her.
There are times she purposes refuse to pay salaries of her staffs for more than a month, not because there is no money, but because she does not want and has the power to do so.

Me, my own offence is that I do not know how to address elders. I do not say ma whenever i am talking to her and I sit down whenever she is addressing me. The woman talks fast and you have not finished answering question 1 before she asks question 2.

I am tired of complaining self, the only reason I am still here is because my family member believes I am making up stories and since I am not directly affected, I should not have any worries.

But when the environment is filled with tension, one  can so not have happiness. I hate the way she treats people, It makes me sad and angry that there is nothing I can do about it. I can always walk away if she tries the things she does for me but these people can't. They say it is because I am young and a woman, my parents can afford to take care of me. They have families to feed and bills to pay. What annoys me the most is that, these people have been taking this shit for many years, some 10, some 20, they seem to have developed a thick skin to her actions and ways. I know the day I can take it no more, I would walk away and that is surely soon, even if I end up in the unemployment market

Ramadhan Kareem to all the Muslims in the house.


Anonymous said...

Not to worry, someday, even the 'great' lion shall grow weary. Then, rewards shall come....

kay9 said...

I hav a boss like that, last year we had an intern who nicknamed him Godzilla... its that bad.

Original Mgbeke said...

Ah ah, that is just evil and so sad to hear.

Original Mgbeke said...

or rather...'sad to read'.

NakedSha said...

Yea, we do have the same template! Thanks for visiting my blog :)
I'm following you...

Nice Anon said...

People like that are on a power trip. Lord help us all.

Afronuts said...

gawsh...this is very similar to some workplaces friends I know work in.

I feel your need to get out before your sanity runs out jare. People are just desperately wicked for notin.

Femme Lounge said...

9am to 11.45am!!! with low and delayed salary! dt isn't nice at all.
just keep looking for a better job , ds doesn't sound like a good working environment at all. wish u all the best

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