Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lost Innocence

Freedom at last.
I have always waited for this day.
The desire, so strong I could not wait to burst out of the self.
I wanted but the self didn't.
Today I would say, tomorrow she would say;
Many tomorrows passed.
She had a lot of doubts, fears;
I had a lot of hope and aspirations.
Tommorow finally came today.
She has lost her innocence, while I gained my freedom
She gave me a voice, thanks to her reading
blogs of exschoolnerd, mymother's child, Doja and many others.
Without them, she would never
She has given me an opportunity to voice her fears, anger,
joys, pains and sufferings;
which she would never and is afraid to share.
Now I officially welcome my self to the boggers community.
I hope to have a wonderful time.
And I welcome you all to my

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LIL WOMAN said...

welcome to blogsville. I am so happy cos i am the first to welcome you. Now u remind me of myself cos i had all these fears of becoming a blogger. but trust me, it is worth it! u wud have loads of fun here and also support. I cant belive i am actually welcoming someone else, when i only just joined!

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