Friday, February 20, 2009


I can't help but wonder why

Some guys are just plain dump,
Some just call unneccessay attention to themselves.
They just want to be noticed by girl,
and they just expect the girl to be bothered about them.
I just don't know what this guy was thinking or imaging,
I had gone to purchase credit for my phone at a store close to my house
I did not even seem to notice him,
When he just opened his lousy mouth
"Would you not say hello"
Like I knew him from Adam.
And when I replied, "Why should I"
He just kept mumbling some jargons.
If he was interested, why did he
not just say hello.
Not that he stood the chance.
But one does not shut open one mouth
and say the next dumb thing that come to the tongue.
I am not dissing the guys,
but i think that there are some really dumb one,
God made the mistake of creating.

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