Friday, April 17, 2009


Mother Hen abeg, forgive me,
I am seriously begging.
For I have snuffed life out one of your chicks.
Forgive mother hen,
for I deprived you of one of your joys
eventhough, she would end up in the pot of soup one day
This I did, unintentionally, absent-mindedly and accidentally.
I did not even know that I stepped on her,
not until i heard the cry........................................
Abeg, make una help me beg am.
because she appears in my dream.
I have not had a nice sleep since that day.
I am seriously sad because it felt
like I had cut shourt the life of an human being.
Abeg one again forgive,
so that I can return to my sleep
and may her soul rest in perfect peace

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