Monday, April 27, 2009

8765 days AGO

Yesterday for my birthday,
8764 days ago, i was expelled from my mothers womb.
My preganancy had been a controversial as
my birth father refused to accept resonsibility of me.
He was not denying the fact that i was his,
he just did not not need or want me in his life.
His wife was also pregnant at that time.
That is gist for another day.
I am just happy to be a year older.
With the best message from my bank,
prayers from my besto,
and messages from the least expected,
my day couldn't have been more wonderful.
I spent the day at home with my family,
doing nothing, just savouring the fact that am now 24.
I just thank Almighty God for making come this far,
and not ever disappointing.
For making a head and one who is looked up to and
vice versa.
I look forward to having a wonderful year and
achieving alot even beyond expectations.
So help me God.


RocNaija said...

How late am I?
Two weeks?

Lol.. Sounds like momsy went through some drama over you.. & you have become the corner stone..

Hopefully you don't habour any major negative feelings..

Oh & before I go off on a tangent and forget.. Happy Buffday in arrears..

akaBagucci said...

Guess I am VERY late.. Happy belated birthday! And you don't have to live your life reminding yourself of the birth circumstances I think...... Just a tot..

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