Tuesday, May 5, 2009


No be small thing oh,
Was persuading my mum to sign some stuff for me,
when we heard the noise.
E fi mi sile (leave me alone)
Mo ma gun pa ni eni (I will stab today)
The fight is between in-laws
One is the wife's brother and
the other is the husband's brother,
The couples are not around,
so the neighbours were there to save the day.
if not, these two idiots would be dead by now.
One is a butcher and the other a carpenter,
so both brought out their work instrument to fight.
After much struggle, the fight was finally stopped.
when asked the reason for the fight,
the carpenter was mumbling,
after some minutes, the butcher broke the ice.
He accused the carpenter of playing with his thing at night.
According to him, the carpenter sneaks up to his room at night
while he is asleep, brings out his thing and start touching it.
abomination, this is washing their dirty linen in public.
This is getting to much for the guy to handle,
so he decided to fight when his elder one refused to act on it.
The carpenter is over 30 and still not married,
we hardly see any girl with him, so it is not difficult to believe.
No one could made any comment,
As where do you start from.
Do we blame and condemn the carpenter, or
the butcher who decided to take the law into his hands.
This is a family issue and
just had to beg the butcher to take things easy and talk to his brother.


exschoolnerd said...

lol!! thats just crazy!!! playing with his thing!!! dude is definately gay!

tnx for stopping by mai blog and ur comments..i really appreciate it dear.

RocNaija said...

Crazy stuff.. No be small thing at all at all..
That should be on Jerry Springer right now..
In fact if na me be the butcher.. I for just keep my sharp knife under my pillow till he ventures in again..

Then it's Bobbit baby!

archiwiz said...

Hmm... Na wa ohh... How come the butcher no give carpenter dirty slap if to say im no like carpenter to dey play wit wetin im wan play wit for night?

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