Thursday, May 28, 2009

365 days and still counting

It's one whole year today.
Omo I must to pop champagne.
I can't believe I did.
I have been celibate for 365 days and still counting.
The longest i ever got was 180days.
I must to kill chicken.
It seriously has not been easy.

I guess i was able to pull it off since,
I was no lover of sex in the first instance.
To achieve this i had to stay off any form of
intimate relationship with any guy.
I even i had to cut visit with male friends,
who i know have more than the ordinary boy-girl feelings

Do I miss sex?
There are those days when I long for the kiss or
just some form of caress from a guy...
There are days the temptation was so great,
especially if its a guy I really like.
I would just kiss sha
and it usually took the whole forces in heaven and earth to break free
but thats just it.
I guess i totally turned off my ignition key

I know it's only a matter of days,
I guess then I would have a reason to enjoy it
and want it with the person who I have it with.
till then, i keep my fingers crossed


RocNaija said...

Good on ya!
It's a lot harder than people make it out to be so you deserve credit for it..

Funms-the rebirth said...

yay!!!! been trying to be celibate for at least 180 days but damn temptation keeps rearing its ugly head.... good job

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