Friday, September 25, 2009

Finally back to reading all them blogs.
Had to go take a break from blogsville
Not that I really intended to
Internet connection was limited but am back fully.
The last ten days of the fast was hectic for me.
Work was crazy, was actually out of the office for the whole week
This Ramadan was just not it for me at all

Finally moved out of my aunts house.
The whole issue got out of hand.
From my cousins having inferiority complex,
saying that me am feeling like mama worker.
To my aunt and her husband raising some hell.

Back in my mothers house for now.
Although it's stressful and money consuming,
love waking up in my bed,
Having my privacy back and
feeling the love of my family.

I am grateful that my mother is a Landlord too in Lagos,
If not, all these shit from my aunt would have been painful.
I could not believe the words that were coming out of the woman's mouth
Her husband was practically telling me he had the intention
of throwing me out of his house,
Like am homeless and would have no where to go to.
Anyways all that is in the past now.

Looking forward to a whole phase of my life,
With Love and a move in my professional life.
I know things will be great


Anonymous said...

Went through the unbelievably mean family too.

Am off extended family now, i don't need the hassle
Good luck with work !

Anonymous said...

awww.....chee yah.what a pity.
i dont know your extended family so i cant say anything about them.
goodluck love.

Anonymous said...

and i love the song on your blog.

HYAW said...

it's good you have gone home finally. there's no place like home

Nice Anon said...

Chei! Someone visited your blog from umuahia? That took me back mehn!

Anyways i tried that moving away from family thing in my "i want independence" phase. No be persin tell me to RUN back home. Come America come do boi boi? Story! Glad it is all worked out now. People don't understand that God sometimes puts them there to be of help and when they fail to do so .. it isn't good at all

The Girl with the Red Hair said...

Thank you all

Ms. 'dufa said...

There really is no place like home.

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