Friday, September 11, 2009


You want it all,
I have been reluctant to give you all.
You told you love,
all I could say was thank you.
You want to know why I can not love you.
Why i can not fall madly in love with you, like you?

I can love you'
I can be madly and senselessly in love with,
More than you are or can ever express.

That which we are refusing to acknowledge as an issue,
might one day, turn us apart.
You say there is nothing to worry about,
You are not bother about it.

I so want to love you,
I want to express how i feel,
because with you, i come alive.
With you, I can be fulfilled.

The only reason,
The cause of my reluctance,

is our religious difference.

I don't one day want to wake to you tell me I have to change my religion.
I love been a Muslim, and not thinking of leaving it any time soon.
Even though, I think i am in love with you.
This might forever be an issue in our lives


Nice Anon said...

Gosh! I hate it when stuff like this happens. Do you really think it will be that big an issue? LOL see me pleading case for the guy


wow, very deep.

Well, I know many who have made it work so I can't help but be optimistic for those in that situation.

Hope all is well.

Anonymous said...

chee yah...dont make him change too...and i dont think it will be that much of an issue.

uNWrItten* said...

awww...hopefully it works religion is great but i can be a hinderance

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