Monday, December 28, 2009

Already Gone-written 23/12/2009

Listening to for the first time to the lyrics of Kelly Clarkson's song-Already Gone
I have always had Kelly Clarkson’s “Already Gone” on my system a while back and I just loved the music but I never took the time to listen to the lines of the song. I was in love with her voice and I just knew it was a break up song.

Last night I particularly listened to it and I realized I was already gone.
I was already gone from my relationship to boo
I had already let go go of the realtionship without realizing it
I have made the decision to leave my boo.
We were never meant to be, we were always meant to say good bye and I am deciding to make the decision.
We are physically and emotionally compatible

Spiritually we are totally incompatible.
Love could not keep this our love alive
I fell in love; yes I fell in love with the wrong person.
The first time I feel love, I fall in love with the wrong person.
The last four months of my life have been the best in years.
I found the man of my dreams and it so happens he is wrong for me.
He is there for me; he gave me joy and peace of mind.
He was one who overlooks my exuberance and I sure do have many.
Talking to him gives me so much inexperienced joy.
He is all I have ever wanted in a man.
I am stuck and can’t move on.

I realized I can never change my religion, its who I am, my religion is my identity.
I love being a muslim, I believe in the tenets of the religion
Our relationship would then be a sham, if I stopped being who I am simply because I want to keep a relationship and get married.
I have never been one to choose man over my God.
I have lost myself in the world and I am trying to find myself and I cannot be selfish to have him hanging there.
To move on, I have to let go of him.

I have always wanted a man who I can connect with spiritually, who I can worship my God with. A man who would lead me and embark on my spiritual journey with me.
He is just not that man
He says we would work but we just would remain stuck and it might be too late to recover from whatever pain we would cause each other in the end.

I am sad doing this, because I am letting go of one of the best things in my life.
But I believe we shall find joy at the end of tunnel.
The road will surely lead to happiness for both of us.

Compliments of the season to you all and Happy New Year in Advance, even if I enter mine single with a broken heart.


Dazzle! said...

eh ya...this is just sad..

are you sure you guys cant work it out? You both believe in one God you know...
My Mum is Christian and my Dad is Muslim...we all pray together and no misunderstanding whatsoever

Maybe you should try working things out and see how it goes first...if it doesnt work out..then you guyz can go your separate ways

sweetness said...

U know u did it am gone!
to find something to live for in this life
Theres no light at the end of the tunnel tonight just a bridge dat i gotta cross...
am ALready gone... tum tum tum

yup dats ma jam!
i know how u feel dear
I am a muslim too and this situation is just very.. hmm how will i put it, lets just say, very familiar to me
You'll be fine hun
Ur stronger than u think

Andrea said...

This year will be better in jesus name..When you list expect the person God intend for you will walk into your life.

The- Damsel said...

the right one is coming..gods time is always the right and perfect going thru the same thing though so i can relate and one thing i learned is believers and non believers dont mix...u'll be ok! happy new year!

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