Monday, February 1, 2010


Friend: who is putting in his CV
Me: CV! What’s CV got to do with it

Rewind: we were having a discussion on relationships.

Friend: as in who are the guys toasting you at the moment
Me: oh! Why didn't you say that, which one be CV.
I went ahead to give him the list from the married colleague at by former office who is feeling single and lying about it.(Thank God for a friend who knew him), to the ex who was staging a comeback and an Igbo dude who is cute.

Friend: igbo ke?
ko gba gbe ee mehn, ko ya delete he sharp sharp,
wetin you wan do with omo Igbo.
abi u like am ni!!!
Abeg talk better.

Igbo boys are a no go area, forbidden fruit for my friends and family.
You must not even allow them finish talking before you vamoose.

And So I ate the forbidden fruit and have something to do with an omo Igbo.

We met in May at an event
Let’s call him Dee, because that was what he initially introduced himself as...
Until I heard his real name.
He speaks Yoruba well as much as we that own the language and I guess that was the the reason why I did not realize he was playing pranks.

We became fast friends, as we talk about anything
I mean anything.
We call each and discuss sweet nothing, text like a zillion times each day.

We bonded so well and he was like a male best friend I never had.
We knew what we wanted; we liked each other and knew we would just have a fling.
No strings attached and even though I have been celibate for long, I didn’t care to, lose it.
Like Serena said to Dan in Gossip Girl, He was the only guy who really saw me.
Saw me for who I am, respected my feelings and made me feel all girly.

Dee did change my mentality about what a relationship could be like.
I mean I have never been the mushy mushy romantic person.
But Dee was, He is such a good lover
He is this sensitive person who cared about other people’s opinion of him.
He is the kind of lover who wants sexual satisfaction for both parties and not just himself.

He did a lot of things to me as in he took me to a whole new world. As in am not into graphic but sex with him was great. He made me realize that sex could be wonderful, exploratory and damn right satisfying.
The little time we spent together was really good and I enjoyed every tiny bit of each moment with him.

He was the kind of boyfriend I ever wanted,
The kind of man, I ever want to spend the rest of my life, if I ever decide to get married.


Kabi-Osi Edumare said...

Awww...he sounds like a great guy!!!.
Enjoy every bit of it!!!

leggy said...

aww...good for you.
ive never really understood the big deal with tribes in nigeria.

Fragilelooks said...

@leggy:my sentiments xactly. we preach 'ONE NIGERIA', and practice 3. it dnt mata where u from as long as u guys r gud 2geda. i'm glad my broda makes u feel gurlie.

FFF said...


u seem more in love with d sex/romance than with d man

onosetale(damsel) said...

lmao@ "wetin u wan come do with omo igbo" ur friend is crazzyy lol this whole scenario sounds like the movie Bafana bafana ( it was about an igbo boy and yoruba girl) i dont see the big deal though and i hope u can handle the no strings attached fling because even some women who claim they can really cant. best of luck with omo igbo lol

..Moyo said...

haha bafana bafana.
i love this.
at least some one not complaining about a man.
*sigh of relief*

thanks for checking my blog sha sha

Blowing Blessings Your Way said...

1st ur blog! Hmmm...Igbo sounds like an adventure...

Funms-the rebirth said...

enjoy it....well ive only dated one Ibo boy, and they can be just take it easy and be happy luv

Anonymous said...

what's with yoruba people sef and their tribalism?!

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