Thursday, February 18, 2010


Thank you guys for your comments on my last post.But my forbidden fruit guy and i were just a one time thing. He was the dude i wrote about in my WTF post last year.

I recently relised that my favorite songs are break up songs or sad love songs. They are usually on repeat and I find myself happy whenever i hear them. This is something i have being doing unconsciously for years. My favorite, evergreen songs are...

Unbreakable- West Life
Devil in me-Kate Voegele
You can't break a broken heart-Kate Voegele
Already Gone-Kelly Clarkson
Cry-Kelly Clarkson
Love don't love me-Eric Benet
Have you ever-Brandy
Hate that I love you-Rihanna


Esco said...

I, too, find I'm addicted to listening to sad music. I can't quite explain why they make me happy when they shouldn't. John Lennon is good for sad songs. So, too, is Barnaby Griffin. Not many people know him but he has some great sad songs.

Fragilelooks said...

my eldest sister thinks i'm a saddist bcz i love sad music/scenerios. bt truth is,deres sumtn comforting abt it and moreso u picture urslf in dat light as the song/scene becomes a mental teacher on hw to deal with such emotions.

Fragilelooks said...


muyiwa said...

lol,at your songs being break up songs

KabiOsi Edumare said...

The songs we listen to...plays an impact in our lives....shhhh STOP.... who am i fooling...I love dem too...arggh

Larom said...

Unfaithful by Rihanna is my all time favorite

Femme Lounge said...

you are not the only one, have heard many people say same. i guess there is just something about these kinda songs that we connect with. i like Have you ever by Brandy too

Lady X said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kate Voegele. I think my best song from her is 'Only Fooling Myself' I think her voice is very nice.

The Girl with the Red Hair said...

I love Kate voegele two albums, that chick is good, my favorite is Devil in me

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